Sabbath Day

I try to take a day each week to break from my normal routines and do something, anything to give my spirit and body some rest. That is incredibly hard to do. You see I love what I do. I love people and I love the work of Christian ministry. Nevertheless, I get tired too. And then I get resentful and my joy goes out the door.

The answer is simple and hard. It is simple in that all I need to do is suspend the work of ministry (genuine emergencies excepted) and it is hard because I have to make a conscious decision to (1) not constantly monitor the phone or make phone calls that can wait, (2) not go into the office (3) not use my computer for work purposes (4) stay away from email. That’s the hard part. Life has become so wired that I (and I know I’m not alone here) cannot seem to function in a disconnected fashion.

Yet, to be connected to God in a meaningful way, to rest and be renewed, I have to find other activities to fill the space. I’ll admit this much: I’m not much into staring at my navel and “being still.” Most of the time I need a home project or a fishing trip or some other form of distraction to calm down enough to hear God.

I’ve come to realize that is okay, and God help me I’m trying to follow God’s command to rest not only for my sake, but also for my family and my church. My prayers for all who are like me and seek God’s Sabbath.


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