Sick Day

Today is sick day. I have caught a cold and feel rather lethargic and uninspired by everything. Of course there are many things today that ought to interest me: ministry, family, home repair projects, upcoming travel and a host of other topics that really do matter. Yet, no matter how hard I try to get going, I just can’t start up my motor. What is worse is that today is the one day I had set aside this week to enjoy some personal time. Instead, I’m just trying to feel better.

Of course you all know that kind of feeling. Most of us have been there many times. What I’m trying to do is to learn something new through this sick spell. Here are a few of my observations:

  • I really do a lot when I’m not sick. Now that I can’t do much, I’m painfully aware of how incredibly busy I am most of the time.
  • You can’t take feeling normal for granted. I did not say feeling “good,” but “normal” (a place where you know and understand your limits). My limits today are a good deal less than I think. What I can accomplish is going to be short of what I hope.
  • Most folks understand. My gravelly voice and slow speech help a bit here.
  • I am tired. Too tired to even write anymore.

All of this day is a gift, I suppose; a reminder of mine and everyone else’s humanity. We are all doing our best. Let’s help each other the best we can. I hope I feel better soon (and I hope you feel better too.)


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