Now That’s a Blog Worth Reading!

The following is a re-blog. I know that is a new word, but so is blog. Anyway, I am so impressed by the sentiments expressed here that I want all my brothers and sisters to read them too. This blog appeared in Knitting Soul  posted by Alise.

As I read this I was reminded of how we need to rethink our Bible experience too. For too long Baptists have fought over the Bible. I fear this has taken a tragic toll on our actually reading the Bible. This Lutheran woman shares her story. Read it and consider it please. Blessings, Chuck

When I was confirmed in the Lutheran church, my parents gave me a lovely leather bound Thompson Chain-Reference, red-letter Bible. My name was embossed on the front cover and the pages were achingly thin and gilded with gold.

I read that Bible every day. I had a bookmark that I used so I could make sure that the many underlined passages were nice and straight. I wrote notes in the margins explaining why the underlined verses were important to me. I would read and I would pray and that cycle would continue.

I loved that Bible.

In those days, I loved THE Bible.

I read that Bible and I felt encouraged in my relationship with God. I found purpose for my life in its pages. I felt the love of God when I read it. Sometimes I would smile at what I read, sometimes I would cry. It was always personal – God speaking to me through ancient words and stories.

These days, I don’t read the Bible very often. I’ll search a passage that’s in my brain to make sure that I’m quoting it accurately for a blog post. I will look up a verse quoted by someone I disagree with to check for the context. But I seldom read just because I want to.

I’ve been thinking about why that is. What happened to the 13 year old who poured over the Bible that turned her into the 41 year old who rarely cracks open her YouVersion Bible app? Why did the Bible speak so clearly to one version of me, and is now primarily a source of irritation?

There are plenty of reasons. Doubt. Disillusionment. Grief.

To read the entire article go to

Amen!!! And happy reading!


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